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Resources + Wellness

More than any other health plan, Medica responds to your needs with tailor-made services and resources that support improving your health and making the most of your benefits. Best of all, these are all part of your benefit plan once you become a member.


Programs + Services

Whether you’re looking for motivation to get fit, need help dealing with personal issues, or want to get more information about a health condition, there’s a Medica program for you –and participating won’t cost you a thing.


Understanding Your Plan

Looking for more information? Find tips to help manage your health plan expenses, learn about how your out-of-pocket costs work, and more.


Additional Benefits

The City of Saint Paul offers a variety of non-medical employee benefits.

Watch for Your New Medica ID Card

Your Medica plan will start on Jan. 1, 2018. You’ll receive your new Medica ID card in the mail by the end of December. Remember to show your new ID card to your doctor and pharmacy after Jan. 1.

Additional Benefits from the City of Saint Paul

The City of Saint Paul offers a variety of non-medical employee benefits.

» Learn more about non-medical employee benefits.